Even though most people know me for my work in IT. This is not how I initially saw my personal career develop.

Initially I studied Medical Natural Sciences with the goal to develop myself further in research. However, it did not bring me the fullfillment and enjoy I wanted to have in a career.

When I discovered IT it brought me great joy to learn and craft technological solutions which improve the lives of people. I decided to switch to the Masters of Systems and Network Engineering in order to learn more about technology and be able to apply it on a professional level.

The study and several follow-up courses and certification paths gave me an expert level understanding of digital technologies.

After some years in order to be able to make more impact with technology in a larger organizational setting and decided to take on an MBA in Big Data & Business Analytics.

One of my learnings here was that, for IT to be successful in a larger organizational contexts its crucial to interface with other parts of the business.

Helping out companies of all sizes to make IT work for them is currently one of my main career drivers.
In my previous engagements I have already achieved some great accomplishments which I am really proud and you can more about them below.

The Dutch hosting company Byte B.V., founder of MageReport and marketleader in hosting of the Magento eCommerce platform. They serve well over 10.000 websites and webshops from their co-located facilities. At the time they were experiencing incidents due to network traffic of other customers of their co-lo provider. Here I proposed a solution which led to a vastly improved the resilience of the network and reduced customer downtime.

IBM is global enterprise serving large enterprises all over the world. Their Global Technology Services center in Brno, Czechia is tasked with managing the IT-services of customers in the EMEA-region. At the time IBM was investigating a solution for automating IT-operations tasks using Robotic Process Automation (RPA). The selected solution was IPSoft’s IPCenter, a leader in IT operations as mentioned by the Everest Group.
For the top 100 customers (including large enterprises in the financial, automotive and flight industry) I was responsible for leading the architectural design and implementation of IPSoft’s IPCenter across a.o. France, Germany, Austria, Denmark and Spain. After one year we successfully implemented the technical solution across 100 customers covering well over 50.000 systems.

ING is a global financial institution headquartered in The Netherlands. ING is a global leader in finance and innovation and has been mentioned as one of the world’s best banks by Forbes.
In their journey to digital transformation ING was converting its organization into a more Agile Way of Working. ING moved towards establishing small independent teams which were able to own all aspects of the delivery of a specific IT-service. Coming from a traditional silo-organization it was a challenge to find the right balance between giving ownership to agile squads and controlling operations.
I was asked to develop solutions which would enable agile squads ownership of their IT-services without compromising operational risk.
With a small team of internals and contractors we designed a strategy to implement the practice of Site Reliability Engineering for the retail organization of ING Netherlands. This was the first squad formally appointed to practice SRE at ING globally and as such delivered the blueprint for how ING was then implemented in other domains, such as wholesale, infrastructure and other countries.
In specific I designed a method for large scale deployment of independent, decentralized, monitoring platform enabling over 300 agile squads to get detailed insights on the performance of their systems in the production environment. The product is still in use by this day and is expanding its usage across borders and business domains.

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