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ING is a global financial institution headquartered in The Netherlands. ING is a global leader in finance and innovation and has been mentioned as one of the world’s best banks by Forbes.
In their journey to digital transformation the retail domain of ING Netherlands was looking for possibilities to move some of its workloads to the public cloud.
I was asked to develop a strategy and architecture to land IT-services in the public cloud without compromising operational risk, whilst still enabling 300+ DevOps squads to work in an agile fashion.

The public cloud offers many services, all of which can be enabled “at the flick of a button”, however, in order to migrate a heavily regulated organization, many measures need to be put in place before public cloud services are even allowed to be consumed. Being closely inspected by the public and the regulators, any deficiencies might lead to hefty fines or, even worse, negative publicity. That a migration to the public is not without risk is also something we can see when looking at other organizations which have moved workloads to the public cloud.


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